Smart T&C's

Terms and conditions of use

  1. Your TransPennine Express (“TPE”) Smart card is issued subject to the following Terms and Conditions. Your Smart card is issued free of charge and remains the property of TPE. We reserve the right to withdraw it at any time.
  2. A member of staff may inspect the Smart card at any time and you must present it to them on request.
  3. The Smart card is not transferable, and it is an offence to give your Smart card to any other person for their use. The user may be liable for prosecution if you give your Smart card to any other person for their use.
  4. If the card is no longer required it may be cancelled to prevent any further use.
  5. Any ticket stored on a Smart card is issued subject to the National Rail Conditions of Travel and the Railway Bylaws. Further details and a copy of these conditions are available at or from any staffed ticket office.
  6. Tickets stored on a Smart card are subject to normal refund rules in accordance with the National Rail Conditions of Travel. Should you wish to request a refund in accordance with the rules visit TPE season ticket refund form is located at:
  7. Before you board a train you are required to have a Smart card with a ticket loaded valid for the train you intend to use and for the journey you intend to make. Failure to load a valid ticket before boarding the train may result in you being liable to pay the full single or return fare, or a penalty fare or prosecution.
  8. When starting or ending your journey at a station with automatic ticket gates, your Smart card must be placed on the Smart card reader located on the ticket gate. The reader indicates the card has been properly read by making an audible “beep” and showing a green light.
  9. The loss or theft of a Smart card must be reported to our Customer Relations Team by calling 0345 600 1671 as soon as possible. The card can then be cancelled on the system to prevent future use. Cancellation will normally take place within 24 hours. Until it is cancelled, you will be liable for any unauthorised use of the Smart card. We cannot prevent the unauthorised use of a lost or stolen Smart card until it has been reported by the registered holder.
  10. Once cancelled, a card cannot be “re-activated”. We will ask you to confirm your details before we cancel your card and arrange for a replacement to be issued. A replacement fee may apply to any tickets loaded to the card.
  11. An administration charge may apply to a duplicate Season Ticket loaded onto a replacement card.
  12. Where your Smart card is faulty you will need to notify us by calling our Customer Relations Team, 0345 600 1671. We will replace it free of charge and any valid TPE tickets loaded on it. Where we reasonably believe it has been deliberately damaged or misused, we reserve the right to charge an administration fee for its replacement. If we believe your card has been tampered with in any way we may withdraw it without refunding the remaining ticket values.
  13. We reserve the right to refuse to replace the Smart card.
  14. If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact Customer Relations.

Data Protection and Security of your Payment

We may share your personal data with our third-party suppliers, including payment processors and data analysts, to enable the efficient and secure provision of services to you. Except as explained in this privacy policy, we will not share your data with third parties without your consent unless required to do so by law. You can see a copy of our Privacy Policy at

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