Customer Smart FAQ

What is a Smart card?
How do I get a Smart card?
Now that I have received my Smart card what do I need to do?
How do I buy my season ticket now that I have a Smart card?
How does the conductor check my Smart ticket?
How do I use my Smart card on the automatic ticket gates?
What happens if I am unable to show my Smart card?
What tickets are currently available on Smart card?
Can I transfer my current season ticket to a Smart card?
Can I still use my railcard to get discounts on my tickets?
Can I get a refund or make changes to my Smart Season Ticket?
How do I apply for delay repay on my Smart Season Ticket?
What happens if I lose my Smart card?
How do I get a replacement Smart card if it is damaged, lost or stolen?
What if my smart ticket isn't downloaded on to my Smart card?
Can I use my Smart card on other Train Operators’ services?
Are there any extra charges for Smart cards and their tickets?
Can multiple people travel using the same Smart card?

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