How can we help?

If you require assistance to board or get off the train we recommend you book this 24 hours in advance whenever possible by calling 0800 107 2149.

All of our services have on-board announcements and visual information for your journey. These are made in sufficient time for passengers, especially those with reduced mobility, to prepare to get off the train.

Where it is necessary to make a manual public announcement, conductors will make every effort to ensure that these are made in a clear and informative manner. However, in these instances the announcements will be of an oral nature only as the visual announcements are pre-programmed onto the onboard computer system. Announcements will also be made relating to any alterations to the normal service, including delays.

Seats and wheelchair spaces on trains

Reservations for seats and dedicated wheelchair spaces are available on all our routes. These can be made when purchasing tickets or requesting assistance.

Where seat reservations have not been made, we do have a number of ‘Priority Seats’ for older passengers or those with additional needs. These are indicated by pictograms or notices on adjacent windows or check our seating plans prior to your journey. Accommodation for disabled passengers is indicated by the wheelchair symbol on windows and on the exterior of the carriage.  If you have not reserved a seat and are unable to find seating,  you should bring this to the attention of our on-train staff, who will help you to find a seat. 

Our Assisted Travel team can arrange assistance and make seat reservations (where available) for your journey, both on TransPennine Express trains and on trains run by other train companies which provide this facility. 

Mobile Scooters 

The carriage of mobility scooters in their assembled state is permitted on our services provided the user is in possession of a valid TransPennine Express Scooter Card. An application to join our scooter card scheme is available here.

When completing  the application you will be required to provide information relating to the size, climbing ability and turning capabilities of the scooter. This, coupled with the combined weight of both the scooter and scooter user will determine whether we are able to carry a scooter on our service. We accept folding or dismantled scooters on all our services and once the scooter has been folded/broken down we will offer assistance with carrying these onto the train please - call 0800 107 2149. 

For further details pick up a copy of our ‘Making Rail Accessible’ leaflet or download your PDF version here


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