Boarding time

Always allow yourself plenty of time to get to the station. Once at the station use the elctronic screens to check the platform from which your train is departing or download our app by searching for TPExpress in your app store.

If you have a seat reservation, the coach letters will be displayed clearly in the windows along the side of the train. Seating plans of our fleet of trains can be found here

When your service arrives, please allow customers to leave the train before boarding. Use the hand rails provided and mind the gap between the train and the platform.

Once you are on the train please move down inside the carriage to allow other customers to board the train safely behind you.

Don't struggle with heavy luggage, you can always ask a member of staff for help.

Please note that train doors close up to 30 seconds prior to departure.

A number of our services are formed of two trains coupled together which have two separate destinations. These services will divide en route and it is important that you travel in the correct portion of the train. If you are travelling on one of these services, check the station departure screens before boarding to identify which part of the train you should join
If you are unsure just ask a member of staff.


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