Reserving your seat

Due to the popularity of rail travel, many of our services can be busy.
To avoid any disappointment we recommend that you reserve a seat for your journey when you book your ticket, especially if you are travelling long distance, otherwise we cannot guarantee a seat will be available on your chosen service. 
Seat reservations are free and you can usually reserve a seat up to three months before you travel and up to 1800 the day before your journey. Seat reservation labels will be located on the top of each reserved seat.

If we do not provide you with your reserved seat, and there is no alternative seat available, we will compensate you. If you have a reserved seat, but have to stand we will refund you 50% of the single leg cost of your journey.

Claims must be made within 28 days of the date of your reservation.
Priority seats for elderly, mobility impaired or customers who are unable to stand (eg. pregnant women) are available throughout the train close to the entrance doors which offer more space for ease of access. For a plan of the seating layout on our trains see our seating plans

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