Seat Availability

We want all of our customers to travel safely and comfortably and we've created some information pages to show you which train services are likely to have plenty of seats available and which are likely to be busy.  Please note that this is for information only and represents typical average weekday-only seat capacity for different destinations. This information is updated every six months, and may not reflect seat availability on the train service that you travel on.  For further information, please speak to a member of staff when you arrive at the train station.



Cleethorpes to Manchester Airport

Cleethorpes to Sheffield

Doncaster to Manchester Airport

Edinburgh to Manchester Airport

Glasgow Central to Manchester Airport

Hull to Leeds

Hull to Manchester Airport

Hull to Manchester Piccadilly

Leeds to Hull

Leeds to Manchester Piccadilly

Liverpool Lime St to Newcastle

Liverpool Lime St to Scarborough

Liverpool Lime St to York

Manchester Airport to Cleethorpes

Manchester Airport to Edinburgh

Manchester Airport to Glasgow

Manchester Airport to Middlesbrough

Manchester Airport to Newcastle

Manchester Airport to Scarborough

Manchester Airport to Sheffield

Manchester Airport to York

Manchester Piccadilly to Glasgow

Manchester Piccadilly to Hull

Manchester Piccadilly to Liverpool Lime St

Manchester Piccadilly to Scarborough

Manchester Piccadilly to York

Middlesbrough to Leeds

Middlesbrough to Liverpool Lime St

Middlesbrough to Manchester Airport

Middlesbrough to York

Newcastle to Liverpool Lime St

Newcastle to Manchester Airport

Preston to Manchester Airport

Scarborough to Liverpool Lime St

Scarborough to Manchester Airport

Scarborough to York

Sheffield to Cleethorpes

Sheffield to Manchester Airport

York to Liverpool Lime St

York to Manchester Airport

York to Manchester Piccadilly

York to Middlesbrough

York to Scarborough


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