Check Out Our High Flying WiFi

WiFi While You Wait!

We’ve launched fast, free and unlimited O2 WiFi at Huddersfield, Manchester Airport, Middlesbrough, Selby, Stalybridge and Warrington Central stations.

Whether you’re reading the news, watching cat videos or choosing which filter to apply to your amazing Instagram photo, you can use our whizzy WiFi while you wait for your train.

Plus, if you sign into our WiFi, we have a very exciting competition waiting for you with some top prizes to be won.

Look for ‘O2WiFi’ to sign in.

  • Which Stations Currently Have WiFi?

    Huddersfield, Manchester Airport, Middlesbrough, Selby, Stalybridge and Warrington Central... with more launching soon!

  • How Do I Connect to WiFi at a Station?

    It's really easy! When you’re at Huddersfield, Manchester Airport, Middlesbrough, Selby, Stalybridge or Warrington Central, select the ‘O2WIFI’ option, then open your browser and follow the simple on-screen instructions - you'll be online in no time.

  • Do I Have to Pay to Access the WiFi?

    No, it’s completely free. Use your money to buy other important things, like a chocolate bar.

  • What Can I Access Through WiFi?

    You can access almost anything, from BuzzFeed to the BBC. However, for the protection of our customers, some sites are banned from access. We’d also ask that you don’t stream loads and loads of videos or audio while on the WiFi either, as it puts a big strain on the bandwidth and it can make internet browsing paaaaaaaainfully slooooooooow for everyone else. (The odd cat video is fine though.)

  • What Devices Can I Access the WiFi Through?

    You can access our WiFi through most devices, including handhelds. 

  • I’ve Already Signed In with O2, Will I Need to Re-Register?

    No! You sign in once and once only. It’s too much of a pain to keep re-entering the same details all the time.

  • When Are You Getting WiFi on Your Trains?

    We’re looking at lots of different options about how we can do this - watch this space!

  • Why Don’t You Have WiFi at All Your Stations?

    We’d love to offer WiFi anywhere and everywhere on our network, we really would! For now, we’re launching station WiFi at select stations and we’ll ‘go live’ at more stations over the coming weeks and months. We’ll update the station list on the 'Which Stations Currently Have WiFi?' question as each new station launches.

  • Why Do I Have to Sign Up?

    O2 asks you to sign up for two reasons: the first is security, as it helps O2 protect you from viruses or 'prying eyes'. The second is simplicity: signing up means you don't have to sign-in when you want to use an O2 WiFi hotspot somewhere else as it all happens automatically.

  • Why Should I Choose WiFi Over 3G / 4G?

    Using WiFi doesn't use up mobile data allowance, which is especially important if you have a contract! Plus, it can be up to 10 times faster than 3G or GPRS. 

  • Do I Need a Contract to Use the WiFi?

    No. But you do have to agree to the terms and conditions though.

  • How Do I Know If Your Station Has WiFi?

    You'll probably see stickers or posters or floor vinyls or other bits and pieces saying 'hey, we've got WiFi at this station!' (Or something to that effect.)

  • Is There a Download Limit?

    Yes, you get up to 10GB a month, which is more than enough for most people.

  • Who Can I Speak to If I Have Problems With the WiFi?

    In the event we get a gremlin in the machine, it is very likely that O2 will already be aware of the problem and trying to fix it. But if you would like to speak to someone, please have a chat with someone from our friendly station team in the first instance. If you aren't at a station, then please call our Customer Relations team on 0345 600 1671 (available seven days a week between 7am and 10pm).


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