Face Coverings FAQ

What is a face covering?
Will face coverings be provided or available to buy at the station?
Where does this apply – just on trains or in stations too?
Can’t I just pull my t-shirt up around my face?
What if I cannot wear a face covering for medical reasons or due to a disability?
Do children require face coverings?
What do rail staff do to make sure people wear face coverings on trains?
Why are people allowed on my train without face coverings?
What are you doing to enforce the use of face coverings?
How do I report someone for not wearing a face covering when on my train?
Why should I wear a face covering when I’ve seen other people not wearing one?
Why don’t all your rail staff wear face coverings?
What do I do with my face covering when I am finished with it?
What should I do if I am sitting in a carriage with someone who is not wearing a face covering?
Can I remove my face covering to eat or drink?
Do disabled people need to wear a face covering?
I am deaf or living with hearing loss and I need to lip read. Do I need to use a face covering? Can staff remove their face coverings?
I have a mental health condition that means I cannot wear a face covering. Will staff be made aware that I am exempt?
Do I need to provide proof I cannot wear a face covering?

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