Paranormal goings on at Paragon

05 May 2011

A Hull based Paranormal Investigative Team is holding a special 'spooky' event to raise money for Save the Children.

Ghost Chasers will be hosting a paranormal investigation at the First TransPennine Express managed Hull Paragon Railway Station on 07 May 2011 starting at 20:30 and running until 03.30.

For the second year running, the paranormal investigators will be inviting spirited individuals to attend at Hull Paragon where they will have access to areas previously off limits to the public including the original Victorian Toilets, Police Cells and other areas.

The event is being organised by Hull Station's Customer Service Advisor, Michael Smith, who is also founder and parapsychologist of Ghost Chasers.

He said;
"Ghost Chasers was formed in 2004 and we have previously investigated Hull Paragon and found quite a lot of interesting activity. We always go into any investigation with an open mind. We neither assume there is paranormal activity nor dismiss it. Our forthcoming event will give unique access to members of the public and provide a wonderful historical perspective of the station, and who knows we might just find something."

The evening will commence with a short welcome presentation before guests enjoy a buffet meal in the restaurant at the prestigious Royal Hotel before embarking on an hour long Magical History Tour. The guided walk will take in the sights, sounds and smells of Hull Paragon Station, the Royal Hotel and surrounding areas dating back to the 1800's, which will also include an orientation of the site.

The paranormal investigation will begin when guests are broken into groups to explore the areas of the cellars, toilets and police cells for any activity which may have occurred and at the conclusion of the investigation they will be asked if they believe, in their experience of the night, if Hull Paragon Station is haunted.

Guests will be staying overnight in one of Hull's more unusual locations - that of a live working train station and some may even be volunteering to undertake a solo vigil in a chosen location.

David Hatfield, Hull Station Manager commented;
"This is likely to be a fantastic event. Hull Paragon is full of history and has changed a great deal. I don't know whether or not the station is haunted but I can see the appeal of sticking around to see Hull's development and I'm sure any unknown guests will be extremely friendly."

The event is a sell out and Ghost Chasers will be making a donation to First TransPennine Express' chosen charity partner Save the Children.

Michael Smith is a qualified parapsychologist and author of the 2008 published book 'This Haunted Isle'.



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