Train Announcement

Train Announcement

08 Jan 2015

In March 2014 it was announced that some of our current fleet of trains would be leased to Chiltern Railways.

This has obviously caused a great deal of media attention and concern from customers about capacity on our network.

We know many services are very busy and whilst we introduced an extra 90,000 seats a week in 2014 we know that more still needs to be done.

Over the last couple of months a great deal of work has been conducted in conjunction with the Department for Transport and Northern Rail to provide a solution to the loss of nine Class 170 trains and protect the current capacity levels.

That solution has now been agreed and will be delivered from May 17th 2015 when the timetable changes.

Our Class 170 trains currently operate on services between Manchester and Hull and Manchester and Cleethorpes and from May 17th 2015 the following will apply;
- Five Class 170 trains will be leased to Chiltern Railways with FTPE retaining four of the current fleet (8 carriages)

- FTPE will hire six Class 156 trains from Northern Rail which will operate between Manchester Airport and Blackpool North. This will provide an hourly increase in capacity between Preston, Bolton and Manchester

- Some of the trains (Class 185) that operate between Manchester Airport and Blackpool will be deployed to cover services between Manchester and Hull and Manchester and Cleethorpes. All of FTPE’s services between Liverpool, Manchester, West Yorkshire, Humberside, North Yorkshire, the Yorkshire Coast and the North East will be operated by Class 185 trains

- An hourly service will be maintained between Manchester Airport, Sheffield, Doncaster and Cleethorpes. The huge majority of these will remain as direct services. Limited amends are planned with customers for the 15:55 between Manchester Airport and Cleethorpes and the 16:26 Cleethorpes to Manchester Airport needing to change at Doncaster.

Northern Rail are also making changes to some of their services and this approach provides the best possible solution at the present time and best protects current capacity levels.

To ensure we meet the needs of the majority of customers we have had to make some difficult decisions and whilst frequency and capacity will be maintained a number of direct services between Manchester and Windermere, Manchester and Barrow in Furness and Manchester and Cleethorpes have had to be altered.

A full list of Questions and Answers is provided here and if you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact;

- A member of FTPE staff
- @tpeassist on twitter or
- Our Customer Relations team on or via 0345 600 1671

The above approach provides services to all current FTPE locations until February 2016. The Government is expected to release franchise specifications for both the Northern and Transpennine franchises in early 2015 and this will likely include the requirement to provide modern and appropriate rolling stock (trains) for the north of England. New franchises are due to start in February 2016.



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