Maintaining our trains

21 Oct 2015

Most of us know that taking a car for a service can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. But imagine having to look after a whole fleet of diesel and electric trains! That's the formidable and vital job of our engineering team, who work round the clock to look after our 65 trains and make sure they're all clean, safe and ready to go.

Nicholas Sworowski, Fleet Commercial Engineer explains: 

While a typical car gets a service every 20,000 miles or every two years, whichever is sooner, a train covers 21,000 miles approximately every five weeks. So, once a train is finished for the day, it is taken to a depot where our engineering team carry out a strict maintenance regime, known as 'exams'. During these exams, the team make sure all the important parts are working and doing what they should be - from brake application to flushing toilets, oil changes to engine drops. These depots are located across the country and the maintenance is carried out on our behalf by Siemens.


Sometimes, things happen beyond our control, which mean we need to carry out emergency maintenance or repair work. For example, one of our regular problems are bird flying into our trains. When this happens, it can cause a lot of damage to a windscreen, which usually needs to be replaced at a depot so that a driver has a clear view. This repair work is often done overnight but can cause some disruption to services because the train has to be taken out of service for a day. 



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