Caring for the environment around us

Train travel is already one of the most sustainable forms of transport, and the Environmental and Energy Management Systems that underpin our services meet international standards (ISO 14001 and ISO 50001, for those in the know). But there is more to come. 

Caring for the environment is a key part of our vision to Take the North further and we're committed to sustainability and managing our impact on the environment.

Sustainability initiatives we'll introduce by 2020

Reduce emissions and use renewable energy

  • Introduce new bi-mode and electric trains to reduce carbon emissions by 30%

  • Invest £825k in environmental improvements for stations

  • Install 1000m3 of solar panels at our train stations

  • Replace lighting in our stations and car parks with low energy LED lighting

Reduce waste

  • Reduce the energy used in our buildings by 31%

  • Reduce water use year on year

  • Recycle 90% of our waste and be zero waste to landfill

  • Install a range of water efficiency measures

Environmental engagement in the community

  • Transform Grants - £50k annual communities and environmental fund

  • Engage employees, tenants, and the public in waste initiatives

  • Produce a Sustainable Development Plan

  • Introduce a Sustainability Advisory Panel

And finally, another key commitment in our franchise is sharing our impact on the environment:

Environmental Impact Data - Period 12 2017/18

Our Trains:
Class 185 Diesel Multiple Unit: 2,020,660 litres
Class 350 Electric Multiple Unit: 2,054,668 kWh

Our stations and offices:
Electricity: 417,260 kWh
Gas: 150,539 kWh
Water: 2,195 m3
Waste Recycling Rate 38%

Waste Recycled & Prepared for Reuse 100%

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