The Nova Fleet

Lighting up the north

Introducing our new Nova fleet

We’re incredibly excited to announce the introduction of three brand new trains that will transform services across the north and into Scotland, including new services to Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Newcastle.

We wanted to give our trains a name that reflects the positive changes and explosion of energy that will truly transform rail travel for customers. Going forward, these will be known as our Nova fleet.

The countdown has begun

Our new trains will be delivered in phases starting from Spring 2019 with the introduction of Nova 3, followed by Nova 2 and Nova 1 by 2020.

We are building towards a doubling of overall capacity for customers, meaning more carriages and 13 million extra seats once they are all in service.

Why are the new trains called Nova?

The Nova theme complements our star logo, which points in the direction of the true North.

Using the name ‘Nova’ links all three trains together, providing consistency and simplicity. The word represents what we are trying to achieve over the next few years, embodying fast paced energy and change as we take the North further together.

Meet the Fleet

Nova 3

Arriving in Spring 2019, these new trains will operate between Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, York, Scarborough and Middlesbrough

View Nova 3
Nova 2

Arriving in 2019, these new trains will operate between Manchester Airport and Liverpool to Glasgow and Edinburgh via Preston

View Nova 2
Nova 1

Arriving in 2019, these new trains will operate between Liverpool, Newcastle, Manchester, Newcastle and Edinburgh routes

View Nova 1