Service Quality Performance

TransPennine Express Service Quality Performance Report 2020-2021

1) Travel information and ticket sales

2) Punctuality and cancellations

3) Cleanliness

4) Customer satisfaction

5) Complaints and compensation

6) Assistance

7) Details of ticket office opening hours and European contact centre availabilit

8) Our Service Quality Regime

1. Travel information and ticket sales

Before travel

Customers can request a copy of our Passengers Charter, or find it on

Our train timetables are always available online, at

Information on ticket prices and conditions are always available via, and can also be obtained from our stations, contact centre and social media team, details of which can be found at the bottom of this page.

Information on accessibility, access conditions and availability of onboard facilities for people who require assistance is available on request from our contact centre, social media team and on

Information on our policy concerning bicycles is also available from our stations, our contact centre, the social media team and on

Information about incidents which cause significant disruption (i.e. delays of more than 60 minutes to more than one service) is available from our contact centre and on

When services are severely disrupted, we will issue information through our social media channels such as Twitter. Live travel information is also available on .

Information about our onboard facilities is available via our social media team, our contact centre and via

To find out about procedures for finding lost property customers can visit

During the journey

All our trains have clear signage above the internal doors at the end of each coach, giving information about the location and availability of onboard toilets and the bar coaches. Customers can also ask any member of the TransPennine Express onboard team for this information.

Information regarding the next station will be announced onboard by our conductors and automated announcements.

In the case of delays the conductor will announce information at appropriate intervals.

Safety guideline notices can be found onboard, and the train manager will also make announcements shortly after each station stop.


Buying tickets
Customers can buy tickets for travel in advance or on the day of travel by visiting
 or by visiting one of our stations in person.

Ticket refunds
Refunds of unused tickets are made through the original point of sale, provided the ticket purchased is refundable. Therefore, if the customer bought the ticket on
 and it is refundable, it may be refunded via

2. Punctuality and cancellations

At TransPennine Express we set ourselves high standards of train punctuality and make every effort to get customers to their destination on time.

There are occasions, usually outside of our control, where trains may be delayed or disrupted.

Delay Compensation Policy

For delays to TransPennine Express services we will make the following compensation available to customers:
Delayed for 15 to 29 minutes – Claim 25% compensation of your single ticket or 12.5% of your return ticket cost
Delayed for 30 to 59 minutes - Claim 50% compensation of your single ticket or 50% of the relevant delayed portion of your return ticket
Delayed for 60 to 119 minutes - Claim 100% compensation of your single ticket or 100% of the cost of the relevant portion of your return ticket
Delayed for 120+ minutes - Claim 100% compensation of the cost of your single ticket or 100% cost of your return ticket (i.e. both portions, not just one way)*

This will be calculated based on the price actually paid by you for the leg of the journey subject to the delay

Punctuality Performance

Between April 2020 and March 2021 94.12% of our services arrived at their destination within 10 minutes of their schedule arrival time

Cancellation of trains
When trains are cancelled, we provide the same information and help we give to customers affected by delays, and the same compensation policy applies.

3. Cleanliness

Between April 2020 and March 2021, our supplier cleaning audits scored an average of 98% across our stations and trains

On Train cleaning
Our trains are cleaned on each turnaround when a service reaches its destination and also undertake periodic deep cleaning operations. We conduct a number of independent train cleaning audits each month across our locations and our suppliers also conduct their own audits against the same criteria.

Our Stations are also deep cleaned regularly and there are always cleaners present during our hours of operation to keep the station environment as clean, safe and clear of litter as possible. Each month we conduct audits of our stations. All of these audits are accompanied by a representative from the cleaning supplier.

4. Customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Survey

We use a variety of sources to measure our customer’s satisfaction. These range from industry wide surveys, to regular post-trip surveys and brand tracking research. At the beginning of the year, much of this research was paused due to Covid-19 and the drastic drop in passenger numbers.

The industry wide survey, Wavelength, allows us to monitor satisfaction on a periodic basis. Since the survey was reintroduced in P04, our overall satisfaction has averaged 7.99 out of 10.

The post-trip survey was introduced in P09 and it provided us with a way of monitoring our Net Promoter Score (NPS) whilst other research such as NRPS and Shadow NRPS were paused. The post-trip survey has given us NPS ranging from 25-52 each period, which averages out at a score 38.

As well as this online survey, we also collect feedback from customers if they contact our contact centre, and ask them how we did in handling their query.

All this customer feedback is used across the business by senior management to direct long term strategy, and tactically by customer-facing teams to help improve customer service. 

5. Complaints and compensation

Our Customer Relations Team is here to correspond with customers who are unhappy with any aspect of their journey with TransPennine Express. Appropriate compensation will be considered on a case by case basis for anything that falls outside of what is specified in our Passenger’s Charter.

We will use the customer’s preferred contact method when responding to a complaint.

Information on how to submit a complaint regarding our services is available via

Total number of complaints

The number of complaints received from the start of Period 1 (01/04/20) to the end of Period 13 (31/03/21) was 5,620.  It should be noted that 1,593 of these complaints (28%) were logged in P1 – before lockdown.

Top 5 categories of complaint

Complaint category

Number of complaints

Ticket and refunds policy


Complaints Handling (customer unhappy with policy)


Quality on Train (onboard facilities)


Colleague Feedback


Train Service Performance (punctuality)


The number of complaints received from the start of Period 1 (01/04/20) to the end of Period 13 (31/03/21) are displayed in the table below:


6. Assistance

There are 2 options for booking assistance:

Pre booking

You can book assistance by either using the online form on our website, or by calling our contact centre.

Webforms need to be submitted at least 6 hours prior to you commencing your journey within our contact centre opening times (6am-11pm everyday, except Christmas Day and Boxing Day).

Calls can be made to our Passenger Assist Team on 0800 107 2149

Customers who are deaf or hard of hearing can use the Text Relay service by adding the prefix 18001 in front of the number. A relay assistant will translate your call to text with the Next Generation Text service. To find out more about this service, visit

Our lines are open 06:00 to 23:00 daily, where our customer service staff will be happy to help you make your booking.


 We can also provide help when you travel, even if it has not been booked in advance. You can turn up at any station that is accessible to you and request assistance onto a train from a member of staff directly or by using a help point.

Comprehensive information about the assistance services we provide and what to expect when travelling with us can be found at

7. Details of ticket office opening hours and contact centre availability

Contact Centre opening times

 6am-11pm everyday, except Christmas Day (closed) and Boxing Day (reduced working hours)

Ticket Office opening times

Here is a list of the Ticket Office Opening times for the stations that we operate:


Monday - Friday 05:15 - 19:45

Saturday 05:15 - 19:45

Sunday 09:00 - 18:30



Monday - Friday 06:45 - 19:30

Saturday 06:45 - 19:30

Sunday 09:00 - 19:30



Monday - Friday 06:15 - 19:30

Saturday 06:15 - 19:30

Sunday 07:30 - 19:30


Grimsby Town

Monday -  Friday 06:00 - 19:30

Sunday 08:45 - 19:30

Saturday 05:30 - 19:30



Monday - Friday 05:45 - 20:00

Saturday 05:45 - 20:00

Sunday 07:45 - 20:00



Monday - Friday 05:30 - 20:00

Saturday 05:30 - 20:00

Sunday 08:15 - 19:15



Monday - Friday 06:30 - 19:30

Saturday 06:30 - 19:30

Sunday 09:00 - 18:45


Manchester Airport

Monday - Sunday 06:30 - 22:30



Monday - Friday 05:30 - 19:30

Saturday 05:30 - 19:30

Sunday 08:15 - 19:00



Monday - Saturday 05:30 - 18:30

Sunday 09:00 - 18:30



Monday - Friday 06:15 - 20:00

Saturday 06:15 - 20:00

Sunday 08:30 - 20:00



Monday - Friday 05:45 - 19:30

Saturday 05:45 - 19:30

Sunday 08:45 - 19:30



Monday - Friday 06:00 - 20:00

Saturday 06:00 - 20:00

Sunday 08:15 - 19:45



Monday - Friday 06:00 - 19:45

Saturday 06:00 - 19:45

Sunday 08:45 - 17:30



Monday - Friday 05:45 - 19:45

Saturday 05:45 - 19:45

Sunday 09:15 - 17:15

Please note these ticket office opening times are correct as of May 2021, but are subject to change in line with operational changes due to COVID-19

8. Our Service Quality Regime

From the 17th October 2021, we have implemented a Service Quality Regime (SQR) which looks at standards at our Stations, on our Trains and our Customer Service. Each reporting period, independent inspectors will travel across our network undertaking inspections looking at over 200 criteria to make sure we meet the desired standard. Where we don’t, we are committed to rectify any issues identified within set time frames to ensure we deliver an excellent service to our customers.

Every 4 weeks, we will publish our performance against our benchmark targets below. Scores are presented in 3 key parts (Stations, Trains & Customer Service) with each having its own Service Quality Areas .

TransPennine Express SQR Performance: P10 21/22

Service Quality Performance at our Stations

Ambience and assets

Cleanliness & Graffiti


Ticketing and Staffing






Our Performance





Service Quality Performance on our Trains

Ambience and assets

Cleanliness & Graffity






Our Performance




Service Quality Customer Service

Staff Helpfulness

Online Information




Our Performance



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