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Can you tell me how busy my train will be?
Do you have toilet facilities open in your stations?
Are there any toilets on the trains?
How do I get in touch?
How do I get a same-day response?
I need help with a ticket I've bought online
What compensation am I entitled to if my train was late?
I’ve left something on the train – how do I get it back?
Can I get a discount for a group booking?
Can I get a refund on unused train tickets?
What if I buy a ticket from a machine at the station and then find it cheaper somewhere else?
Where can I find train station information?
Can I sit in First Class when the train is busy?
Why do I have to show my ticket to the conductor?
Can I take my bike on the train?
How much luggage can I take on a train?
What items can’t I bring on board?

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