One Hour From Sheffield

Wednesday 01st August 2018

It’s incredible the attractions you can find right on your doorstep, so we’ve rounded up just a few things to do an hour from Sheffield. So hop on a train and grab yourself some “you” time.

Scunthorpe - 1 hour away

Scunthorpe Railtour

Scunthorpe is surrounded by amazing trips to take and the North Lincolnshire town also has some ace things to get involved in. One of our faves is the Steelworks Railtour. Come on, it features some amazing trains. These weekend tours have to be booked in advance and give you a great glimpse into the industrial heritage of the town and take place just a 20-minute stroll from the station.

Normanby Hall - 40 mins bus ride from Scunthorpe Station

Go Ape at Normanby Hall

Escaping to the country is great any time of the year… and at Normanby Hall County Park there’s often an event taking place as well as some brilliant distractions for the kids. There are two playgrounds and a Go Ape Treetop Adventure… the latter will appeal to those children (and adults) who have a sense of altitude-based adventure. Seriously, check out the site. They have a thing called steppings stones, but (A) there are no stones and (B) it’s really high up (stones are usually found at ground level). No, what Stepping Stones involves is crossing from one tree to another on bits of wood that are suspended on ropes. Happily, you are also suspended on ropes.

Messingham Zoo - 14 min taxi ride from Scunthorpe Station

Messingham Zoo

Do you have a preference for Prairie Dogs? Are you barmy about Barn Owls and potty about Potbellied Pigs? Well… it takes all worlds. And in this one there’s Messingham Zoo which will sate all of your desires. This bijou zoo is a family run affair that concentrates on getting up close with critters of every stripe – you can even get a go at being an animal keeper! Get on a train and get talking to the animals.

Messingham Zoo, simples

Dore - 30 mins from Sheffield

If you’re looking for a break from the buzz of Sheffield and fancy a bit of rural recreation, then Dore is for you. Its name comes from the fact that it was a gateway (Door) between Deria and Mercia neighbouring Anglo Saxon kingdoms… so this sweet village also has a touch of the mystical about it too. To add to the Game of Thrones-y nature of the town, back in 827 King Egbert of Wessex popped to Dore to receive the submission of a rival, thus making him the first King of all England – certainly that’s what’s said on a stone in the village and it’s no use arguing with that.

The main activities for visitors to Dore are walking and staring in wonder, mostly because it’s right on the edge of the beautiful Peak District so it’s well worth getting hold of Explorer OL1 from Ordnance Survey and planning some weekend treks.

York - 50 minutes from Sheffield

Cliffords Tower, York ©

In less than an hour, you can leave Sheffield behind and find 1,001 things to do in York, one of Britain’s most historic towns. There are ghost walks, the dungeon, the National Railway Museum, ancient alleys to explore and bucket loads of events all year round. York is so focused on visitors that it’s the perfect place to take time out from your regular schedule and transform yourself into a tourist for the day. So get to the Visit York website and plan yourself a schedule where you can wander from attraction to attraction.

York ©

One of our favourite escapes in York is to wander along the River Ouse to Rowntree Park, it’s just a 20-minute amble from the train station and it’s the perfect place for a picnic or just to stop and read a book. If you’re feeling madly adventurous you could even control a boat on the lake. It’s just the place to gather yourself together and let the kids run and play. If you don’t have kids and haven’t come to York for history or sitting in a park then head to the Evil Eye Lounge and grab yourself a cocktail (we like the look of the Clockwork Orange).

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