New Flexi Season Tickets Commute Your Way


Flexible working - only pay for the days you travel.

The new Flexi Season Ticket offers 8 days of travel in 28 days - any time between two stations. Pay for the days you need, spend the rest wherever you like.

It’s a flexible solution that’s perfect if you need to travel to work a couple of times a week at peak time Monday to Friday.

Get ready for the Flexi Season ticket by registering for a Smartcard.

You will need to activate your Flexi season ticket on each day of travel. You can do this via the National Rail Smartcard Manager app available from the App store or Google Play.

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Please note if you have your Flexi Season ticket on your Smartcard, we recommend you buy your next Flexi Season ticket after you've used all 8 days of travel on your active ticket. If you do need to buy another Flexi Season ticket before finishing your active ticket, you must ensure the start date of your next Flexi Season ticket is after the date you intend to use your 8th day of travel.

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