Getting Back on Track

Tuesday 24th August 2021
Few things connect people and places better than train journeys. And with travel now possible again after many months of staying home, it’s time to get back on track and to do all those things you’ve been dreaming of over the past year. 

Whether you want to catch up with family you’ve not seen in ages, have a fun night out on the town or simply escape somewhere different for a weekend, there are so many reasons to hop on a train again. Which is exactly the sentiment behind National Rail’s new TV ad: 

Seven amazing reasons to get back on track and travel by train again

Reuniting with your nearest and dearest has never felt so good. So, why not expand your horizons and make some brand-new memories by getting back on track with us in the coming months? So, for a little inspiration, here are seven reasons why we’re so excited about travelling by train again:
  1. Bring family together again

    While they might drive us crazy at times, few things beat getting together with family. 

    From having a cuppa with your gran again to introducing a little one to their aunties and uncles for the first time, it couldn’t be easier to hop on a train and make up for all those months of separation. And to keep the kids entertained? Well, there’s nothing like the adventure of travelling to new places on the train. Plus, through Exstream – our complimentary entertainment system – they’ll find plenty of cartoons, tv shows and films to pass the time too. 

  2. Awaken your sense of adventure again

    Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or you get a real kick out of visiting a new destination, there are so many ways to feel truly alive again and awaken your sense of adventure. 

    You could jump on a train to the Lake District to embark on an epic ramble that gets your heart racing. Or take a trip to a thrill-seeking attraction like the terrifying Edinburgh Dungeons. Why not head to Manchester for adrenaline-fuelled go-karting or indoor sky-diving or simply explore the coastal walks in Cleethorpes? Whatever adventuring again means to you, we know you’ll find it. 

  3. Get excited again

    After months of staying put, having a day – or a whole weekend – away is bound to feel like pure bliss. And with so many spots across our network with fantastic things to see and do, there are plenty of reasons to get excited about travel across the North of England and Scotland again. 

    Why not check out some historic monuments in picture-perfect York, shop ‘til you drop in Manchester, Leeds, or Newcastle, or head to the seaside in Scarborough for some sunshine, sand and fish and chips? 

  4. Explore a new place again

    Missed spending hours strolling around a new city or soaking up lush landscapes on a long hike? You’re not alone. Experiencing a sense of wonder and freedom again is made easy when you glide cross-country to beauty spots or culture-packed cities scattered across out network. 

    Change your point of view and reignite your sense of exploration with a trip to an amazing destination in the North of England or Scotland. Whether that’s a buzzing city like Liverpool, somewhere like Carlisle that’s right on the doorstep of the incredible Hadrian’s Wall Path, or Durham for a history-inspired getaway.

  5. Go out out again

    Missed meeting up with your nearest and dearest on a Friday night for drinks, dancing and good times? That’s all possible again – and it’s made even easier by train travel. 

    Get all dressed up and head out to your nearest city or town for a fun night out with your friends. Let your hair down at popular picks along our network like Manchester with its cool Northern Quarter bars, Newcastle with its buzzing nightclubs, Liverpool with its music-drenched nightlife or Sheffield for a proper night out.

  6. Meet people in person again

    If you’ve been working from home for what feels like forever (or you can’t face another Zoom quiz…), you’re in luck. Getting together again in person is finally back on the table. 

    Enjoying face to face meetings with friends, family and colleagues is as simple as jumping on the train and choosing a cosy café to have a catch-up in. Trialling going back to work a few days a week? Try out our Flexi Season tickets which let you commute to work as and when you choose.

  7. Dare to daydream again

    Allow yourself to daydream about breath-taking beach walks and leisurely strolls around beautiful buildings when you plan some trips by train over the next few months. 

    Hopping on one of our trains doesn’t just mean you get to glimpse fascinating attractions once you arrive at your chosen destination, either. Plenty of our top routes take you past some of the most stunning scenery in the North of England and Scotland. Gaze out the window at wide open spaces during your journey and let your imagination fly.

Inspired by all the possibilities of travelling by train again? Check out our blog for inspiration on where to go and what to see in the North of England and Scotland. And when it comes to travelling,  you can buy tickets in advance online or on the TPExpress app and  book a seat on the train.

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