National Apprenticeship Week

Monday 08th February 2021
To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week we caught up with some of our Apprentices to find out more about their apprenticeship and what advice they would give to other young adults looking to join the industry.

Image of Angelina Keal, Customer Experience Apprentice at TransPennine Express

Angelina Keal, Customer Experience Apprentice 

“My favourite part of working on the railway is how welcoming everyone is, you get to meet so many interesting people and hear their stories. My favourite part of the apprenticeship is being able to learn skills while I work, it’s preparing me for my career and gives me an amazing insight into the different roles I can pursue. I’ve grown a lot as a person over the course of my apprenticeship and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s interested!”

Image of Leah Brook, Customer Experience Apprentice at TransPennine Express

Leah Brook, Customer Experience Apprentice

“When I first joined TPE I had no idea what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by all the friendly staff and learning opportunities I have taken part in. I have really enjoyed my time with TPE because it has improved my confidence and given me many opportunities such as achieving my Duke of Edinburgh gold award, working towards a Level 3 qualification in Business Admin, the chance to work with different departments to gain a better understanding of how the railway operates, meeting new people and making lasting friendships! I would really encourage anyone who is willing to learn to try an apprenticeship on the railway, it was never something I pictured myself doing but would love to progress on to getting a full-time role in the near future.”

Image of Loren McKie, Control Apprentice at TransPennine Express

Loren McKie, Control Apprentice

“When I joined TPE I had no railway knowledge and I had no idea what my apprenticeship would involve. Becoming an apprentice at TPE has given me so many amazing opportunities and allowed me to experience different departments gaining lots of railway knowledge. I have met so many lovely people and made some wonderful friendships. Alongside the on-the-job learning I am also working towards a Level 3 Business Administration Qualification and have recently completed my Gold Duke of Edinburgh award with the rest of the brilliant apprentice team.”

Image of Chloe Broadbent, Commercial Apprentice at TransPennine Express

Chloe Broadbent, Commercial Apprentice

“Before joining TPE I didn’t know much about working within the rail industry, but with all the great opportunities I’ve been given throughout my apprenticeship it has definitely given me a much broader knowledge about the industry as a whole! During my time with TPE I have completed my Gold DofE Award with my fellow apprentices & worked towards a Level 3 Qualification, all whilst working within some great teams around the business. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with TPE and can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Image of Caitlin Gent, Fleet Higher Apprentice at TransPennine Express

Caitlin Gent, Fleet Higher Apprentice (starting her new role as Assistant Commercial Engineer in March)

“My time as an apprentice ranged from working on maintenance depots fixing trains to working with our key stakeholders, assisting passengers at stations to trekking in the Lake District for the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award! The skills and knowledge I have gained from many industry professionals, and the experiences I have had is invaluable and will guide me throughout the years to come. The challenges that are thrown your way shape you, and I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t say yes to this amazing opportunity. 

An apprenticeship isn’t just a qualification it is a process and a journey that moulds you into the industry professional you want to be.”

If you’re feeling inspired about a career in the rail industry and want to find out more, head over to our careers page and start your journey!

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