May Timetable Compensation

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We have launched two additional compensation schemes for TransPennine Express customers who experienced delays and cancellations from 20 May to 30 June as part of the May 2018 timetable change.

1. Season Ticket Compensation

Season Ticket holders for specified TransPennine Express routes are eligible for compensation through the first compensation scheme. Multi-modal and zonal tickets including West Yorkshire Metro cards are also eligible.

All Season Ticket claims should be made online by clicking here.

2. Single & Return Train Ticket Compensation

If you were travelling using a single or return train ticket and experienced disruption on three to five days in any seven-day period during the eligible claim window, you should apply for compensation using the second scheme here.

3. All Other Train Ticket Claims 

All other train ticket claims should be made online by clicking here

Download map of routes and stations where compensation applies

Am I eligible to claim?
What routes will be covered?
How much compensation will I be entitled to?
How do I make a claim for compensation?
How and when will I receive my compensation?
Who can I contact if I have a question about the scheme / my claim?
Why has compensation been set at this level?
Can I get compensation from a station ticket office?
Can I apply via social media?
If I have claimed for delay repay, can I also claim for compensation under this scheme?
How can I appeal against a compensation decision?
Who makes the decision whether a claim is eligible or not?
I had to use a taxi because my train was severely delayed or cancelled – can I claim for this?
I had to stay in a hotel because my train was cancelled – can I claim for this?
I can travel on other modes of transport with my ticket – can I still claim?
I travel on an eligible route but have a Northern season ticket – am I eligible?
I’ve already claimed using the Northern scheme, can I apply with TransPennine Express too?
I have already claimed compensation with my season ticket, can I claim with my single and return tickets too?