HM Forces Railcard

Save on your train travel if you’re a member of the Regular Forces or Volunteer Reserves, or a spouse, civil partner or child of a member.

  • Save 1/3 on most train journeys

  • Travel any time on weekends, public holidays and during the week for non-duty trips

  • Easy to buy through your HR unit

  • Additional discounts for attractions and entertainment 

HM Forces Railcards

The HM Forces Railcard gives you 1/3 off most train journeys across Great Britain if you’re a member of the Regular Forces or Volunteer Reserves. If you’re a spouse or civil partner of a member, you might also be able to get one of these Railcards.

Who is the HM Forces Railcard for?

You can get a HM Forces Railcard if you’re a member of the Regular Forces, wherever you’re stationed, or a member of the Volunteers Reserve. 

If you’re a non-regular permanent staff or have been a member of the Regular Reserve during periods of full-time service for at least three months, you’ll also qualify for a HM Forces Railcard.

The HM Forces Railcard is also available to RAF Reserve Commissioned Officers who are carrying out full time duties in uniform in peacetime, NATO personnel who are serving in official NATO UK roles under the direct command of the Ministry of Defence, or Members of other Government Defence Forces serving in official exchange appointments.

If you’re a spouse or civil partner of any of the roles above, you can also get a HM Forces Railcard. If you’re a dependant child of any of the above you may also be able to get one.

Widows, widowers and their dependent children might also be able to buy and use a HM Forces Railcard. To find out if you’re eligible for a HM Forces Railcard, you can find more details here.

When Can I Use My HM Forces Railcard?

You can use your HM Forces Railcard any time on weekends, public holidays and during the week. If you travel before 10am Monday to Friday, you will have to pay a minimum fare of £12 and this applies to all Anytime and Off-Peak tickets. There are no minimum fares for Advance tickets. This rule doesn’t apply during July or August though. You can use the Railcard to visit destinations on the TransPennine Express networks, as well as other rail routes across Great Britain.

You can only use your HM Forces Railcard for non-duty travel – in other words, when you’re travelling for leisure. If you’re travelling on train between home and place of duty, work or education, the discount won’t apply.

How Much is a HM Forces Railcard

A HM Forces Railcard costs £21 for a year. That works out to under £2 a month for huge savings.

How Do I Buy a HM Forces Railcard?

Unlike other railcards, you can’t buy a HM Forces Railcard online or at a train station. Instead, you will have to apply for the railcard through your Unit HR admin staff.

You will settle the cost of your HM Forces Railcard by having the fee deducted from your pay.

If you are a war widow or widower, or a dependant child, you can apply for your HM Forces Railcard through the Royal British Legion. When applying, you’ll need a show proof of a Forces Family pension. 

Do I Need to Apply for a HM Forces Railcard?

Yes, you need to apply for a HM Forces Railcard with the relevant details, including proof of eligibility. 

How Do I Renew My HM Forces Railcard?

If it’s time to renew your HM Forces Railcard, you can reapply for one through your unit administration office. You can renew your railcard up to one month before its expiry date.

You can’t renew your HM Forces Railcard online or at a train station. So make sure you plan ahead so you can still take advantage of cheaper train travel.

What Should I Do if I've Lost My HM Forces Railcard?

If you lose your HM Forces Railcard or it’s stolen, you need to report this to your unit administration staff.

You’ll have to buy a new HM Forces Railcard at the full price of £19. The replacement HM Forces Railcard will be active for the full 12 months after it’s been issued. 

HM Forces Railcard Offers & Discounts

If you’ve got a HM Forces Railcard and travelling with up to four children aged between five and 15, you can get a discount of up to 81% off the adult fare. You can get this offer on the TransPennine Express network, or other routes across the country. To get this deal, you can travel in first or standard class and a £1 minimum fare applies. 

Links to Other Railcards

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You can use railcards on train routes across Great Britain, including the TransPennine Express Network. Our trains go all over the North of England and Scotland.

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