North of England Rover

Visit 4 cities across 8-days 

With so much to explore, the North of England is the perfect place for a city break. Start your journey in Hull, the UK City of Culture 2017, before heading off on the train to Leeds, Manchester or Liverpool. 2017 is the perfect time to plan your next break and indulge in one of our great many cultural festivals and events. With so many galleries, exhibitions, music and dance festivals to indulge in, there’s so much to be enjoyed. Luckily the Cities of North England 4 in 8-Day Rover ticket is valid for 8 days and within that time you will be allowed 4 days of unlimited travel so you can travel to each city to explore its cultural offer before heading back to Hull. Sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful countryside as you travel through the north of England.

Buy your North of England 4 in 8-Day Rover for only £79.

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See the map of where you can travel to on our network with the Rover ticket.

Liverpool to Hull route map

Check out the suggested itineraries to see how you can explore the region and make the most of your Rover.

Cities of North England 1

Cities of North England 2

Cities of North England 3

Cities of North England 4

A band playing at the Freedom Festival, Hull
Freedom Festival, Hull, England.

Light Night, Leeds
Light Night, Leeds, England.
The Whitworth, Manchester
The Whitworth, Manchester, England.

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