Wi-Fi and entertainment FAQs

Is Exstream really free to use?
How do I access Exstream?
I'm on board the train, but don't have the TPExpress app to access Exstream
Will watching films use up data on my phone?
Your landing page doesn’t automatically appear when I open my web browser.
Are there any age restrictions on what I can watch or read?
Can I get subtitles?
How often do you change the movies, TV shows etc.?
I didn’t finish my film; can I do this after getting off the train?
I got partway through watching something on an earlier journey but it hasn’t remembered where I got to.
I was watching a show on my journey down but going back up I can’t find the same show anymore.
Will cookies be placed on my device and what do they do?
Do you store any movies or entertainment on my device?
Why is the internet slow?
What does the message “Error, video failed to play. Please check your Wi-Fi connection and try again” mean?
How do I opt-out of Exstream?
Will you be making further updates to Exstream?
Headphones or no headphones?
What is the ‘Your live train journey’ feature?
Is Wi-Fi available on all TransPennine Express trains?
How do I access the Wi-Fi?
How much Wi-Fi data can I use?
Can I get free Wi-Fi on every journey?
Can I use multiple devices at the same time?
What can I see?
Why is the internet slow?
How secure is the network?
Could I do a bit of online shopping or check my bank balance?
I am having problems using my work / business email account?
Is TransPennine Express applying the new GDPR rules?
Is TransPennine Express using my data for marketing purposes?
How do I get the app?
Can I download the app on the train?
What size is the app?
I have a query or problem
How do I give feedback?

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