Wi-Fi and entertainment FAQs

Is Exstream really free to use?

Yes, Exstream offers complimentary Wi-Fi and entertainment on board our trains. No hidden charges or extra data costs. 

Are Wi-Fi and entertainment available on all TransPennine Express trains?

Not just yet. You can enjoy Wi-Fi and entertainment on all of our 350 trains between Manchester and Scotland, plus selected 185 trains across the rest of the network. We will be rolling out the service across the whole network from October 2017, with the majority of our trains offering it in 2018.

Look out for Wi-Fi stickers on board, which show whether it's available on your service.

How do I access Exstream?

1. Download TPExpress App before you travel
2. Once on board, connect to 'TPE Wi-Fi'
3. Launch the TPExpress App and tap 'TV'
4. Log in or set up an account
5. Once the entertainment page appears simply click continue, sit back, relax and start viewing…

I'm on board the train, but don't have the TPExpress app

You can access a limited amount of Wi-Fi and entertainment via an internet browser:

  1. Turn your personal device on and make sure the WiFi is switched on.
  2. The TransPennine Express Wi-Fi network is displayed as “TPE WiFi” on your list of available networks.
  3. Connect to this network and launch your internet browser
  4. Type in tv.tpexpress.co.uk and press send
  5. At this point you will be directed to the simple log-in page where we ask for some details, but we will not share these with anyone else, then accept our T&C’s and you are nearly there
  6. The Entertainment page will now appear simply click continue, sit back, relax and start viewing…

I can’t connect to the TPE Wi-Fi

If you have followed the steps above and are certain you're on a Wi-Fi enabled train, please call +44 (0)208 028 0359 (Monday to Sunday 05:00-01:00. Calls are charged at a local call rate).

What is ‘Single Sign Up’…?

Our clever technical colleagues at First Group (who run the TransPennine Express Trains, Great Western Trains, Hull Trains and South Western Railway franchises) have designed a neat technical solution called ‘single sign up’ that provides you with a stronger and more consistent Wi-Fi signal throughout our managed stations and trains.

I have registered for Wi-Fi; do I need to register again?

Yes, you will need to register your device/phone.

What are the benefits of the Single Sign Up?

Once you have registered for the solution, you should not need to login again:

- From Autumn 2017 when you travel, you will automatically connect to our WiFi service – including hotspots at our TransPennine Express, GWR, Hull stations and South Western Railway in the future.

- We’ll make sure you always have the best signal available – and if you lose connection, we’ll automatically reconnect you as soon as possible

Do I need to use Single Sign Up to use TransPennine Express WiFi?

No, you can continue using our on-board WiFi with your current login details.

How do I access the Wi-Fi service once I have registered?

Each device/phone you want to use, will need the ‘TransPennine Express’ app and to be registered.

You select ‘TPE Wi-Fi' from the drop-down menu. It will then connect you automatically.

Will I still be able to access the same content?

Yes, but we ask you to be considerate when using the service. Please only use it for general web browsing, emails and connecting to your corporate network.

What speeds will I get from the service?

Due to the nature of UK mobile connections the speed will come and go depending on your location and the number of passengers on the service. We do have a route map to check the Wi-Fi coverage by area.

How secure is the network?

We have included a high number of security measures on the train. Like other Train Operating Companies we offer a similar ‘open network’ service – it is not like your home network. It should not be possible for other users to gain unauthorised access to your device. Please ensure that you are connected to the right network address “TPE Wi-Fi”. Ignore addresses like “Dave’s iPhone” and “Angela’s Hotspot”. We suggest that you always have up-to-date firewall and anti-virus software.

Could I do a bit of online shopping or check my bank balance?

Like other train operating companies we do not recommend you make on-line purchases or access on-line banking through an on-board WiFi service. We suggest you check out or on-board catering or watch some of our entertainment instead.

Which network do I connect to?

You should connect to ‘TPE Wi-Fi’ (N.B. there is a space between the first and second word)

Do I get a complimentary Wi-Fi on every journey?

Yes, you should receive complimentary Wi-Fi on every Anglo-Scot journey so even if you take multiple journeys in one day you will receive a new free allocation on each train journey.

How much Wi-Fi data can I use?

Standard class and First Class passengers will receive a 20MB data allowance on each journey so they can surf the internet or catch up on some emails. Customers who use up their allowance will not get cut off though, we will just reduce the speed of their connection so they can carry on surfing, sending and browsing.We may increase this daily allowance in the future.

Can I use multiple devises at the same time?

Yes, you will just need to enter your details on the other computer/device to launch it on that device – each device will receive an allowance of 20MB per journey.

What happens if I lose connection while I enter my log-in details?

You will need to enter and send your details before being able to access the Wi-Fi service. That means tunnels and areas of no mobile network connection could be a little tricky.

Your landing page does not appear automatically when I open my web browser. What do I do?

Enter tv.tpexpress.co.uk into your address bar and click ‘send’.

What can I see?

We want everyone to have a good on-board experience. Like other Train Operating Companies you can access most websites, however we do not allow video streaming and catch-up TV from an external source or other services that require excessive bandwidth. You might not be able to access some of your regular apps too.

Although if we do say so we do have an amazing new on-board entertainment rolling out across our network…you can watch all the latest and greatest TV Box sets, TV Catch-up, Films, Magazines and Cartoons.

Our big selection of entertainment will be available through the TPExpress App.  Due to current copyright law, certain entertainment content is only available through the app, rather than an internet browser.

Headphones or no headphones?

We believe all our passengers should enjoy their TransPennine Express journey free from disruptive fellow passengers. Please use headphones while listening to music, radio or entertainment. This includes children. Our on-board staff may remind passengers throughout your journey.

I am having problems using my work / business email account?

Like other train operating companies we use an ‘open network’. Some email providers (e.g. Outlook 365) require a secure network. You may experience a pop-up with “There is a problem connecting securely to this network – the security certificate was not issued by a trusted certificate authority”. Unfortunately, you would not be able to access your account using this route.

I am still having problems?

If you are still struggling, then telephone our TPE WiFi support team a call on +44 (0)208 028 0359*. They can only deal with WiFi and entertainment issues – please contact our Contact Centre if you need any help with other aspects of your TransPennine journey.

I have registered for Single Sign Up, how do I un-register?

Please contact our support team who can assist with this process. You can reach us by email (tpe.support@icomera.com) or telephone us on +44 (0)208 028 0359. Telephone calls to this number are charged at a national call rate.

Hotspot or ‘Not Spot’

1. South of Gretna Green, Scotland (so North of Carlisle to Lockerbie)

2. South of Crooklands, Cumbria (from North of Carnforth to just before Oxenholme Station)

I noticed some adverts promoting movies and catch-up TV to watch on your Anglo Scottish trains– how can I access this service?

Phew, our advertising works! You just need a WiFi enabled device. Please refer to ‘how to connect’ section earlier in the FAQ.

Please download the TPExpress App from the relevant app store (Apple or Google). Due to restrictions on the onboard Wi-Fi you will need to download the app before your journey (or use some of your own device data allowance on 3G or 4G). After successfully installing our App select the onboard Wi-Fi on your device settings and follow the quick and easy registration process. Then just open the TPExpress app to start enjoying our complimentary entertainment.

Where can I find information about what’s on the service?

Check out the WiFi and Entertainment page on our website for details of our current Movies, Box Sets, Catch-up TV and Magazines. www.tpexpress.co.uk/wifiandentertainment.

Are there any age restrictions on what I can watch or read?

Yes – but we will ask you to confirm that it is suitable before accessing the entertainment.

Is it complimentary?

Oh yes. Whether you are in First Class or Standard Class access to our on-board entertainment service is complimentary.

Why is our entertainment not available on all trains?

A. We are launching the entertainment service on all TransPennine Express Anglo-Scott 350 trains and are working hard on the remaining 185 fleet. The Entertainment will also be rolled out across our new super-duper new trains from 2017.

TPExpress App

Where can I get the app?

If you are on an Apple device, download TPEXPRESS from the Apple Store. If you have an Android device, you can access and download it from the Google Play Store.

Why can’t I watch all the entertainment on my laptop or another mobile device like Kindle?

At this stage we have a web browser version. We will soon only offering the full entertainment service for Apple iOS and Android devices; we are working on a version which will work on multiple devices like Kindle and other laptop applications.

What size is the app?

Depending on your device, it will be up to 135mb. This enables us to provide you with more of the latest Movies and Catch-up TV Shows, and these need a little extra security layer.

Can I get subtitles?

We do not offer subtitles, but we are working on being able to offer this option in the future. 

How often are you changing the Movies, TV Shows etc.?

We’ll be updating movies every month, magazines regularly, catch-up TV daily and News throughout the day.

Can I download the app on the train?

No. Due to restrictions on our on-board WiFi you will need to download the app before your TransPennine journey. We suggest using the WiFi at our stations or, if you forget to do this in advance, you could download it using your own data on-board.

I didn’t get to finish my film; can I do this after getting off the train?

No. You can only access our content when you’re on-board our TransPennine trains but if you haven’t finished what you were watching, the system will remember where you got to if you are using the same device – your cookies need to be enabled.

I got halfway through watching entertainment on an earlier journey, but it hasn’t remembered where I got to?

It sounds like you are using a different device or have cleared your cookies or history, and if so you would need to scroll through to where you were manually.

Why do I have to register again?

No, but registrations are stored as a cookie on your device, which means if you’re using a new device or you’ve recently removed cookies from your device you’ll need to register again.

I was watching a show on my journey down, but going back up I can’t find the same show anymore!

We regularly update what’s available on the entertainment service, so sometimes the last show might expire, but you can always watch something else instead.

Will watching film use up my own data on my phone?

No – our on-board entertainment server does not rely on your internet at all.

Is the internet slow because too many people are watching movies?

Access to the entertainment is held locally on the train, therefore it does not need to go to the internet to show you your movies. If you are experiencing a slow internet connection, it may be that we are passing through the countryside where there is a poor connection.

What does the message “Error, Video failed to play. Please check your WiFi connection and try again” mean?

If you have paused a film or a great TV show and your device goes into sleep mode, this may disconnect you from the on-board WiFi.

How do I give feedback?

You can email feedback about TransPennine Express and the overall experience on our trains at tpecustomer.relations@firstgroup.com

Is TransPennine using my data for marketing purposes?

For details of how TransPennine use your data please view our privacy policy

You will only receive marketing communications from TransPennine Express if you have opted-in during registration or purchased a ticket.

Does TransPennine Express store any movies or entertainment on my device?

Your device will hold a few minutes of video to buffer anything you watch, but it would not retain the full video to your device.

Will this put cookies on my device, and what do they do?

A cookie will be placed on your device, and it will allow us to remember where you finished watching a movie or show – next time you connect you’ll be able to pick up where you left off.

Why do I have to register for the app when I’ve already registered before?

You’ve already registered for the Wi-Fi – this second registration is to get access to all the great entertainment content available via our app.

Why do we have to connect to the Wi-Fi and the app to get content?

Connecting to the Wi-Fi on board connects you to our system where all our entertainment is stored.

Surely it will get very noisy with all these people watching entertainment?

Out of respect for other passengers, please use a pair of headphones before watching a film or TV show. The on-board TransPennine Express staff may remind you of this during your journey.

I have missed my station stop because I was watching some entertainment?

Oops. You need to pay attention to the passenger information where displayed and listen to on-board announcements throughout your journey with TransPennine Express. Please make the staff aware of your problem and we should be able to help with your revised onward journey.