Art, food and music in the North

What the North knows about culture (that nowhere else does)

Why did we choose art, music and food for our Where Next Project? Everyone knows there's a proud history of outstanding contributions to these industries in the North and Scotland, and we are passionate about helping to develop home-grown Northern talent.


When you talk about art in the North, you immediately mention our mentor Julia Bickerstaff and her neon creations combining flames, glass tubes and lights. 

Widely recognised as the mother and father of modernist sculpture and bringing the eye of the art world to Yorkshire, Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth are also worth mentioning. 

From the other side of the Pennines, there's L.S. Lowry - a talent whose paintings of the daily Lancashire grind are famous across the country. In Scotland, Henry Raeburn’s portraits through to JMW Turner’s landscapes all capture the power and identity of what it means to be Scottish. 

These are just a few, but the North’s history is bigger than individual artists. It’s vast and proud – and it will keep growing. 


The Beatles, Oasis, Biffy Clyro, Doves... ring a bell? Scotland and the North of England are home to music royalty. From guitar aces to show-stopping frontmen, we’ve produced them all. And more than any other part of the UK or area of the world, our musicians are proud to be Northern. Think of the Arctic Monkeys or Maximo Park, who sing proudly about their hometowns. Think of the fact that Liverpool was named ‘City of Pop’, because so many number ones came from just that one region. 


Scotland and the North are uniquely placed to be foodie havens. With oceans, greenery and other unique landscapes right on the doorstep, there’s no doubt that these regions have access to the very best ingredients. 

Whilst Northerners have always known the joys of homegrown, locally-reared produce, it’s now getting attention from further afield. People from other parts of the country – and indeed, the world – respect Northern produce because it’s historic. It’s always been there and it’s never been tampered with. Rhubarb Triangle and Scottish Blackface Lamb are examples of the kind of produce that are getting the global stamp of approval. 

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