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In these days of information overload doing something as simple as reserving seats in a restaurant can be surprisingly difficult. You know the feeling. There’s a new restaurant in town, or you’re on a city break. You need to book dinner, but you don’t know where’s best, who to ask, how to get there. Well, we can’t help with everything, but we know someone who can… 

The OpenTable app - available on Apple, Android and Windows - is a smart way to ensure you not only sit down at the best places in town, but know the best route to take and make the booking. 

With a vast database of peer-written reviews and information on location, menus, cost and cuisine you’ve got all you need to decide on your next meal on the your smartphone. Once you’ve made your decision, OpenTable allows you to book in a jiffy. Fast food indeed. 

As if that weren’t enough, the more you use it the more points you earn towards a future meal. Just make sure you mask the sound of your tummy rumbling if you’re swiping through options on your train journey...




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