Chorley cakes Vs Grasmere gingerbread


Each issue we pit two regional treats against each other in a public taste test.


Chorley cakes are fruit-filled pastry cakes, flattened for a deliciously intense flavour. They’re closely related to Eccles Cakes, but not quite as sweet.

Grasmere gingerbread has its roots in a time when nearby Whitehaven was one of the biggest ports in the country. The influx of spices led to a proliferation of gingerbread across the region, but what makes Grasmere’s stand out is that it crumbles like a biscuit.


Kelly Storey

“It has to be the gingerbread! It’s sweet and hot with all that fiery ginger! I like the crumbly texture, too!”


Ian Hayman

“Chorley cake’s the one for me! I usually love an Eccles cake, but this is just as good.”


Katie Fenn

“Don’t make me choose! They’re both so good! If I have to pick one, I’ll go for the gingerbread. Sorry Chorley!”


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