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New faces

If you're a fan of comedy (and, really, who isn't?) the pippaevans.com

Performing: 6.35pm, 5-29 Aug (not 16), The Caves

Andrew Lawrence: The Too Ugly For Television Tour 2010

Not one to mince his words, Andrew Lawrence is a law unto himself. His previous two Edinburgh shows (chirpily entitled 'How to Butcher your Loved Ones' and 'Soul-Crushing Vicissitudes of Fortune') were dark, comedic nods to all that is wrong with the world. And he told his stories with brilliantly sharp wit and a large helping of gutsy delivery. This year's show - as self-deprecating as ever - is bound to do the same. 

Info: andrewlawrencecomedy.co.uk

Performing: 9.20pm, 4-29 Aug (not 16), Cabaret Bar, Pleasance Courtyard

Gary Delaney: Purist

Widely regarded as a comedian's comedian (no small honour in such a competitive and hard-nosed industry), Gary Delaney has a CV packed with writing credits, so it's surprising to find this is his first-ever Edinburgh show. Renowned for hilarious one-liners, his blisteringly quick wit will be out in force this August.

Info: garydelaney.com

Performing: 8.30pm, 4-29 Aug (not 16), The Cellar, Pleasance Courtyard

David O'Doherty: Somewhere Over the David O'Doherty

Rarely seen performing without his faithful sidekick (in the form of a small toddler-size keyboard), David O'Doherty specialises in wonderfully whimsical takes on everyday situations. After winning the if.com best show award in 2008, tickets are sure to be in demand. So book up now while you have the chance...

Info: davidodoherty.com

Performing: 10.20pm, 5-30 Aug (not 16), Pleasance One, Pleasance Courtyard

For more information on shows and venues, including maps, visit edfringe.com

Grub's up...

A day at the Fringe is hungry work, so here are Explorer's tips on where to go

MUMS, 4a Forrest Road

Choose your favourite type of sausage, mash and gravy to create your own tailor-made comfort food at MUMS (formerly known as Monster Mash). With a cool retro interior, and prices that won't break the bank, this is the perfect place for a hearty feed when the weather's not too good. 

Info: mumsgreatcomfortfood.com

The Elephant House, 21 George IV Bridge

Loved by locals and tourists alike, the Elephant House is a gourmet tea and coffee shop that serves an array of tasty sandwiches and snacks. Claimed to be the chosen writing spot of several well-known authors, including wizarding wonder JK Rowling, pop in for a coffee and a spot of people-watching.

Info: elephanthouse.biz

Brown's Bar & Brasserie, 131-133 George Street

Not far from the Assembly Rooms (one of the key Fringe venues) is Brown's, perfect if you're hankering after a proper sit-down meal instead of a snack-and-run. Choose from a wide range of options - everything from tiger prawn and chorizo linguine to whole baked sea bream - and enjoy the festival at a slower pace.

Info: browns-restaurants.co.uk

Mussel and Steak Bar, 110 West Bow

Located near to Edinburgh's Grassmarket, there's more than just mussels and steak as the name would imply - although the namesake fare is impressive in its own right. Why not treat yourself to a bowl of mussels and chips before taking on an evening at the Fringe?

Info: musselandsteakbar.com

Full of the Fringe?

With so much festival action, you're in danger of missing out on other key spots. Edinburgh is a fantastic capital city so why not take an afternoon off and discover its secrets?

Gladstone's Land

Cared for by the National Trust for Scotland, Gladstone's Land offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in a 17th-century furnished townhouse. Throughout the six rooms, you will discover what life was like in Edinburgh in the 1600s - from intricate décor to innovative technologies.

Info: nts.org.uk

The Scotch Whisky Experience

You can't visit Scotland without discovering its most famous export, whisky. The amber nectar is big business, and the award-winning Scotch Whisky Experience will take you through the history of the drink, as well as the process of making it - all on a barrel ride through a replica distillery, obviously.

Info: whisky-heritage.co.uk

Our Dynamic Earth

Discover the intricate history of the earth at this state-of-the-art visitor attraction. From rainforests to icebergs and earthquakes, you'll find out exactly how the world works, and see how history has shaped the landscape around and within the city.

Info: dynamicearth.co.uk

The Real Mary King's Close

Buried deep beneath the Royal Mile is a visitor attraction unlike any other in Edinburgh. The Real Mary King's Close is a warren of hidden closes where people lived and worked in 16th- and 17th-century Edinburgh, still perfectly preserved as they were when the tenants were evicted in 1753 to make way for the building of the City Chambers above. The closes lay silent until 2003 when they were opened to the public to discover the fascinating truth of life below the Mile.

Info: realmarykingsclose.com

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