Well first the good news! We'll start rolling out 10 new trains (that's 40 carriages, fact fans) in December 2013 and they'll all be in service by May 2014. 

Unfortunately it's not always as easy as just buying new trains. First we have to agree the purchase with the Department for Transport. We have to order the trains, and the factory we use (who also make great trains for the Eurostar and Russia!) have to be able to deliver them on time. We only want the best for our customers, so we ordered Class 350 trains, the most reliable trains in the UK. These trains also have to fit our bespoke specifications - we want more luggage space, a revised seating plan to maximise legroom and three toilets per train rather than two (we don't want anyone getting caught short!).

Of course, we also need new staff (200 in all) and all need to be trained to deliver the quality First TransPennine Express service you expect. All this and more goes into making sure you'll really notice the difference when the new trains launch.

Learn more at tpexpress.co.uk/newtrains



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