"There's more to the evening than flash, bang, wallop...."

You haven't seen fireworks until you've witnessed the bonanza that shakes Glasgow every November. More than 60,000 people make their way to Glasgow Green for a spectacular show, set against the serene backdrop of the Glasgow Winter Gardens. It's a feast for the eyes and Scotland's biggest fireworks display - and it's totally free.


Rockets whiz, scream and explode overhead in a 20-minute performance set to music. But there's more to the evening than flash, bang, wallop - the fireworks might be the main attraction, but there's also a funfair, food stalls and live music on offer.


The eye-popping extravaganza will take place on 5 November - but be sure to arrive early to secure the best view (and grab some hot seasonal food to enjoy during the show). For more information visit glasgowlife.org.uk


Five fire-cracking nights out



The home of Guy Fawkes, York loves a bonfire. Kaboom is a spectacular celebration due to take place in Rawcliffe Country Park on 3 November. Book your tickets in advance to get a shuttle bus from the city centre. kaboomyork.com



Liverpool loves to party and around Guy Fawkes' Night fireworks light up the skies across Merseyside. The most popular display takes place in Sefton Park. visitliverpool.com



Carlisle Bonfire and Fireshow is one of the biggest bonfire and fireworks displays in the country, attracting 35,000 people. Taking place on 2 November, the enormous bonfire is reason enough to visit, but the fireworks are the icing on the cake. discovercarlisle.co.uk



The After Dark display at Don Valley Grass Bowl is set for 5 November and features a giant funfair, food stalls and a fireworks display guaranteed to make you say 'ooh'. ellowbusevents.co.uk



Bonfire Night events take place all over Manchester but the party at Heaton Park is perhaps the most popular. Drop by on 5 November for a top fireworks display and an incredible funfair. manchester.gov.uk


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