Changes for bikes on board

All change from Sunday 20 May 2018

Book in advance or park at the station

From Sunday 20 May 2018, if you're travelling with us and would like to bring your bike on board, you'll need to reserve a space for it in advance.

We're introducing this change to make way for our new trains that arrive in Autumn this year, which will bring a new layout and more seats than our current trains. There will also be space for up to four bikes, an increase from the current two, however there will be less open space (e.g. in vestibules and the "ballroom" area next to First Class) and we want to make sure that everyone travelling with us has a smooth, safe and comfortable journey.

These changes don't apply to folding bikes, which can be placed in luggage racks or between seat backs on board.

Bike reservations will remain free of charge.

How to book a bike space

Customers can make a reservation using the methods below, and must do so at least 24 hours in advance of travel:

By phone

Call 0345 600 1671 (select Option 3)


When you're buying tickets through you will be given the option to book a space for your bike 

At the booking office

Bike reservations can be requested by visiting any one of our station booking offices, or a booking office where our services call

Park your bike at our stations

It might be easier for you to park your bike at a station before boarding the train. All of our stations have bike racks, and most are protected with CCTV. For full information on bike racks at our stations and at other operator and Network Rail stations, please visit the following link and search for your station: 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I book bike reservations in blocks?

Season ticket holders and regular travelers can book up to five days in one booking, with a maximum of one peak time train in each direction. This allows commuters to travel with their bike, but prevents them from booking multiple trains which could prevent others from booking.

  • You can fit more than two bikes in the designated space, why won’t you carry more bikes on board?

For both safety and train performance reasons, we need to make sure that the aisleways and vestibules are clear. Cyclists needs to be able to quickly access their bike when they reach their destination station, so that delays to the train are not incurred whilst their bike is removed from the space.

  • Can short notice reservations be made?

Customers wishing to take their bike on the train need to book when they purchase their ticket through our website, or by calling 0345 600 1671 (select Option 3). Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance of travel. Our reservation system cannot currently offer short notice reservations, however the new system coming on our new trains will allow us to explore this option.

  • How will conductors make sure the space is only used by those with reservations?

Customers without a cycle reservation will be directed to store their bicycle at the station before boarding the train. Folding bikes don’t need a reservation, and can be stored in the luggage racks or between the seats.

  • I need to be flexible with what time I travel, does this mean I can’t bring my bike with me?

Reservations are required for all non-folding bicycles. Customers can use the cycle racks provided at stations, or may want to consider a folding bike, which can be brought on board without the need for a reservation. Customers could also explore cycle hire or cycle sharing options such as MoBike or OFO which use apps, or consider the Dutch method of leaving a second bike at another station for continuing their journey.

  • What if the cycle space isn’t available to book after I have already bought my ticket?

Cycle reservations can be made at the time of buying your ticket through our website telesales team or at the booking office. If you can’t book your bike on the train which you have purchased a ticket for, you could consider parking it at the station, or discuss changing your ticket with our telesales team.