About First Group

The leading transport operator in the UK and North America

TransPennine Express is a FirstGroup plc company and chances are, you've travelled with them already. The Group is the leading transport operator in the UK and North America with revenues of over £6.4 billion a year, employing approximately 125,000 staff and transporting 2.5 billion passengers a year.

UK Rail

In addition to TransPennine Express, FirstGroup operate Great Western Railway and Hull Trains.

UK Bus

The Group is one of Britain's largest bus operator running more than one in five of all local bus services. A fleet of some 6,200 buses carries approximately 1.6 million passengers a day in more than 40 major towns and cities.

First Student

The largest provider of student transportation in North America with a fleet of approximately 47,000 yellow school buses, carrying some 6 million students every day across the US and Canada.

First Transit

As one of the largest private sector providers of transit management and contracting in North America First Transit manages public transport systems on behalf of city transit authorities. It is also one of the largest providers of airport shuttle bus services in the US and manages paratransit operations, call centres and other light transit activities.

First Services, a division of First Transit, is the largest private sector provider of vehicle maintenance and ancillary support services in the US, providing fleet maintenance for public sector customers such as the Federal Government and fire and police departments. It also provides support services to public and private sector clients.


Greyhound is the only national provider of scheduled intercity coach services in the US and Canada. Based in Dallas, Greyhound provides scheduled passenger services to approximately 3,800 destinations carrying approximately 18 million passengers a year.

  • Why do you let people stand in First Class that have standard class tickets?

    We don’t. Our First Class area is for the use of First Class ticket holders only and conductors make announcements confirming this and where possible will move non First Class ticket holders out of the area.

    Due to the crowded nature of many services it is not always possible for a member of staff to come through the train and manage this area.

    Conductors have very clear guidelines about when we allow standard class ticket holders to use the first class area and we would ask that all customers respect this policy.

    We appreciate some trains can be very busy but we would ask customers not to enter First Class unless invited to do so by the conductor

  • The information at stations is often not up to date, why?

    We would always advise that the best possible source of information is our station and train based staff. They are able to answer your questions and queries in the most up to date manner. We have also invested in various different means of information provision and all these are free to customers and include, social media, email and via our website.

    Of course we continue to provide station based communication and are continually delivering as up to date information as is possible. We are currently trialling electronic poster screens at a number of stations which we believe will be useful to all

  • I had a reserved seat but couldn't get to it?

    We are very sorry that your seat reservation was either not printed or you were unable to get to it. We provide compensation for this and would advise you to contact our Customer Relations team by clicking here

  • Why do you regularly send trains which are short formed with too few carriages?

    It is always frustrating when we are not able to provide the normal number of carriages on a particular service. We do only have a very small fleet (70 trains) and every available carriage is in operation throughout the busiest parts of the day. Having a small fleet means that when trains are damaged or broken we have limited options. Whilst crowding is never comfortable we would rather run a ‘shortened’ train than no train at all.

    The whole of the north of England needs more and longer trains and we have and are continually lobbying Government for increased capacity. £1bn is being invested over the next 5 years which will mean greater network capacity i.e. more trains more of the time.

    Recently we have had to operate shorter trains as a result of autumnal weather conditions as described above.


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